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The Die: Games for children, family and educational

At El Troquel, we want to convey the importance of educational and didactic games for children. These types of games greatly facilitate their development, and reinforce their learning. Our games for girls and boys are suitable to maintain interest in board games from an early age and, at the same time, attractive for adults to have fun interacting with the little ones.

Playing is the best learning. Without a doubt, the games of El die, are the best way for children to entertain themselves, have fun, and develop their skills.

Buy the best games for children, ideal for learning

If you are looking for games for children, that provide something more than fun, the games that we have in the Die are the games you were looking for. Educational and didactic, since we are committed to the benefits provided by the integration of playful components in teaching and learning based on games.

In each of our games we create learning about content and values, we promote capacities such as memory, tolerance to frustration, strategy or anticipation and depending on the dynamics of each game, others such as attention, observation, reflexes, language, calculation , psychomotor skills, empathy or imagination.

In addition, the format of our games, increasingly compact and easy to transport, allows you to take the board game from home, in your pocket, bag or backpack, and take them to environments where they were not used before.

The most original educational games and educational games for children

Find the perfect children's games for your children, which in addition to being very fun, are an alternative for leisure and education at home. We are endorsed by a great experience in the development of educational and didactic games and a project and common values: respecting working conditions and betting on work and family conciliation, generating wealth in our environment and caring for the environment through a production with materials Recycled materials, materials of sustainable origin and the elimination of single-use plastics, betting on the present and the future of our little ones. We also integrate the values ​​of the circular economy and the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals (SDG 2030).

Discover our educational games, enhance the skills necessary for the development of your children, and all without losing the essence of having fun at all times.

Fun and learning guaranteed!

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