Designing product

Often when we design new board games we get carried away by our most creative part and end up making great games (and sometimes great games too) that run into economic reality: a difficult viability. To avoid this situation we must bear in mind that we are designing a […]


# Games Without Plastic Contest

At Troquel Games we want to completely eliminate single-use plastics from our production line. We believe that plastic should be a tool with many uses and a long life. This is why we defend its use in unlimited life components such as dice, arrows, markers, tokens, rolled in […]


Playing in the de-escalation

In the coming weeks / months we will return, in a staggered way and with more or less upswings, to gradually increase social contact. The time will come when we can satisfy our desire to resume our games with friends. There are signs that we will have a pandemic for a while, so we will have […]