Tarot case

Cardboard box with dimensions 130x84x15mm or 130x84x30mm. Valid for tarot cards, as well as games with small boards and chips, card decks, miniatures, etc. Digital printing on 360gr coated cardboard. Customize your design with our template and get your personalized boxes at an incredible price.


Qualities: 360gr stuccoed cardboard + matte laminate. 300dpi CMYK digital printing.

Files: You can send your custom files to design@eltroquel.es. Please make sure the design composition and cut blood are correct using the following templates:

Insole case 15mm: Download the template clicking on this link.
Insole case 30mm: Download the template clicking on this link.

Format: A single PDF with 2 boxes in 1 sheet 330x480mm, 300dpi, CMYK Fogra39 color. The two boxes can be the same or different, if you want to make boxes with up to two different designs.