Square cards 70 × 70 mm

Fully personalized deck in front and back in 350gsm stucco. 3,5mm rounded corners and reusable gift zip bag.

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Files: Once you have confirmed the order send your PDF with the letters through wetransfer, dropbox, google drive or similar to email design@eltroquel.es indicating the order number. Please make sure that the cut marks and position of the cards are correct guiding you with this template:

Template: To download the sheet template in PDF click here.

Format: PDF to page on each side of a letter, 300dpi, CMYK Fogra39 color, with 3mm of blood and cut marks, as indicated in the template. Each letter must go on one page. In case there are different reverses, each reverse must go on the next page to its corresponding front. In case all the reverses are equal, a single reverse at the end of the document is sufficient.