8mm cube grills

1,50 - 31,00 (VAT included)

Grill for 8mm ice cube holderreversible and fully configurable tailored to your needs both in size and aspect ratio. From 2 to 100 cubes on a single grill.

Manufactured on demand in high resolution 3D SLA printing. Gray Pro FormLabs Resin suitable to be painted and personalized for each game.

If you do not find the solution you need, write to us at info@eltroquel.es and we will make you a custom quote.

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All of us who play games with cubes on the table know that a random hit on the table or a stumble can do a lot of damage to the game. For this reason, and because we love cubes, we have developed these cube grills so that they can be ordered and safely stored during the game.

If you are also a creator of games, you will surely like the possibility of being able to stick them to your boards and thus easily and quickly create holes to hold the cubes without the need for die cuts.