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In large part thanks to mathematics the human being has arrived… TO THE MOON! But why settle for just that? Collaborate with famous astronauts to build a rocket and get the fuel to take you as far as possible.

1-4 Players Minutes 20 +8 Years



  • 102 cards of 63x88mm
  • Space travel board
  • 4 15mm wooden tokens


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Capacities that empower:

  • Competitive activity
  • Medical Attention
  • Concentration
  • Comment
  • Reasoning
  • Calculation
  • Spatial organization
  • Executive function

Educational value:

Rockets is a card game where the objective is to build a rocket and be the furthest astronaut on his space journey, the more basic operations (addition, subtraction, multiplication and division) you perform, the more fuel you will receive.

It is a game that, at the same time as a useful resource to consolidate basic procedures for solving problems (mathematical), we learn facts about history, numbers, planets and various curiosities!

With several alternative game modes for different ages, difficulty and number of players.