Gift ´n Trick Christmas Special

5,00 (VAT included)

Gift ´n Trick is a treasure hunt game with 10 trials of medium-easy difficulty, designed so that people aged 6 and over can enjoy the moment of searching and getting their gift. Very quick to deploy, it makes for a fun 20 minute treasure hunt, approximately. It comes with everything you need so it can work in any home. Perfect to accompany another of our games as a gift from the quest!


  • 10 Evidence Cards
  • 1 Final congratulation
  • 7 sticky letters
  • 4 sticky syllables
  • 9 Magnifying glass stickers
  • 1 Red cellophane

€ 5 (Free shipping if purchased together with another of our games)

Pre-sale item. Shipments will begin from December 9.