Hibi Hibi Rescue

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Educational game in which, as cadets of the Galactic Rescue Patrol, you must carry out your mission and rescue safely the Hibis, curious creatures who like to play and organize themselves into colored mathematical herds. Look out for those rare Hibis that we have not managed to identify! Watch your mood! Order them wisely with the help of your Tech Glove and become their adventure friend. Show what you are capable of!

2-4 Players 15-30 Minutes 6+ years

Content: 96 Hibi Square Cards, 3 Operation Square Cards (+, -, =), 1 Artificial Gravity Square Card, 1 Leader Card, 16 Techno-Glove Cards, 4 Cadet Cards, 6 Scoring Mode Cards extra, regulation.

Format: Laminated cardboard box, with sliding opening system, 15x9x3cm.

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In Hibi Hibi Rescue we take on the role of a cadet of the Galactic Rescue Patrol. We have been entrusted with the important mission of returning a bunch of Hibis rescued from the clutches of the evil Zeta.

We must make use of our state-of-the-art Tech Gloves to provide the Hibis with a safe landing back on Trezion, their home planet. The ship's cargo hold is limited in space and only holds 25 Hibis at a time, arranged in an array of 5 × 5. We will use the abilities that our Tech Glove gives us to, repositioning or turning the Hibis at our whim, try to synchronize them by their mood (black or white) and add with them 13, a number that exerts a powerful effect on them. Hibis love mathematics and only then are fully comfortable with humans.

When we have obtained our Hibis, more will enter the cellar and it will be the turn of the next cadet. After four rounds, the one who has managed to land the most Hibis will be the winner ... Although you can use one of its 6 different scoring modalities and, to Challenge yourselves even more, try to get the most out of your Tech Gloves in Ultra mode.

Are you ready to embark on this fantastic adventure and help our friendly little friends to return to their planet? Well, what are you waiting for!