Frankenstein's Grandchildren

14,95 (VAT included)

Roll your dice and ride your monster with the best parts. Who will be the best descendant of Dr Frankenstein? Fun in mini size.
Frankenstein's Grandchildren is a fun dice game in which you'll get into the grandchildren's robe of the famous mad scientist to get to repeat the exploits of your grandfather: revive your own monsters !.

Roll the dice to get the different parts of your Franky: head, trunk, legs, arms, brain, heart and bring them to life with lightning!

2-6 Players 15-30 Minutes +6 Years

Click here to download the manual in PDF


  • 9 custom 20mm wooden dice, laser engraved (no inks)
  • 30 double-sided 20mm cardboard tokens
  • Pocket-sized sliding box and folded manual


PVP: 14,95 €

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