14,95 (VAT included)

Viruses, bacteria, fungi and parasites threaten the health of the inhabitants of
your city. Only by working as a team can you prevent it!

No. of players: 1-4
Approximate duration: 15 min
Recommended age: From 10 years


  • 8 character cards.
  • 33 attack cards
    • pathogens: 6 bacteria, 6 viruses, 6 protozoa, 6 fungi
    • 4 resistance cards
    • 5 special cards.
  • 28 defense cards
    • 16 prevention cards
    • 12 medication letters
  • Infection markers

PVP: 14,95 €

ISGlobal will allocate the benefits obtained to research into new antibiotics

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Micro-Combat is a card game in which you will put yourself in the shoes of doctors and physicians, researchers and researchers and health personnel whose mission is to prevent the population from becoming ill due to the attacks of pathogens that run through the city. Your objective will be to prevent any of the characters in play from losing all their defenses, for this you will have different preventive measures and medicines ... but they will not always be enough! Micro-combat is a cooperative game, so you will have to work as a team to win.