Three wishes

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You are on a very special desert excursion; adventures,
pyramids, camels, sphinxes ... Walking near a pyramid
You find a magic lamp! You look at each other with amazement and laughter
nervous as you clean the lamp. Suddenly a little
blue genie appears out of nowhere on your shoulder ...

Three Wishes is a game of intuition, knowledge, empathy and perception. In it you will have to try to make as many points as possible guessing the favorite wishes of the other players. Bet, take a risk and win your wish!

No. of players: 3-8
Approximate duration: 20 min
Recommended age: From 6 years


  • 1 board
  • 110 wish letters
  • 48 bet cards
  • 1 turn card
  • 16 colored glass diamonds
  • 8 colored wooden pawns
  • Rules Manual (ESP / ENG)

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